Areas of Interest for clinical trials

The key areas of interest for Middlemore Clinical Trials are outlined here to guide enquiries.






Middlemore Hospital departments include:

•   Paediatrics led by Dr Adrian Trenholme
•   Haematology led by Dr Sharon Jackson
•   Diabetes led by Dr Brandon-Orr Walker
•   Rheumatology led by Dr Sunil Kumar 
•   Renal medicine led by Dr Christopher Hood
•   Gastroenterology & Hepatology led by Dr Paul Casey
•   Cardiology led by Dr Selwyn Wong
•   Respiratory led by Dr Conroy Wong
•   Dermatology led by Dr Paul Jarrett
•   Nutritional Studies led by Alayne Healy
•   Medicine led Dr Carl Eagleton
•   ICU led by Dr Alex Kazemi
•   Orthopedics led by Dr Matthew Tomlinson
•   Otorhinolaryngology led by Professor Randall Morton
•   Womans Studies led by Dr Sarah Tout


About Us

Middlemore Clinical Trials (MMCT) is New Zealand's largest clinical trials site, which offers world-class facilities, excellent audited procedures, and a fully integrated research unit.

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