MMCT is located within the Middlemore Hospital campus which is one of New Zealand's largest hospitals.


On Middlemore Hospital campus

MMCT is based on the campus of Middlemore Hospital, which is one of the largest tertiary hospitals in New Zealand, servicing approximately 90,000 inpatients per year and approaching 500,000 outpatient visits. As such, MMCT has access to a large number of potential trial participants. This coupled with MMCT's relationships with community based Primary Care Organisations (PHOs) means that MMCT connects with participants at multiple points along their treatment journey in the health care system. See Map below.

 Good regulatory environment

The Ministry of Health’s regulatory body for clinical trials in New Zealand, Medsafe, ensures that clinical trials are run on robust and efficient processes. MMCT, as the lead site, manages regulatory compliance on behalf of sponsors.

 Socio-economically disadvantaged area

MMCT is based in a region of New Zealand that is socio-economically disadvantaged and over-represented in most of the chronic community-based diseases. As a result, patients are eager to engage in clinical trials for the following reasons:

1. Patient outcomes from participation in a clinical trial are better than if they received standard care *(Ref 1).

2. Participation gives access to novel medicines and therapies (especially in cancer and diabetes) ordinarily limited for most patients outside of a clinical trial. The Government’s pharmaceutical purchasing agency, PHARMAC, controls expenditure by limiting access to expensive modern new chemical entities. This means the only way patients can access cutting edge treatments is through a clinical trial.

3. Patients find that participating in a clinical trial results in significant personal knowledge into their own illness or disease. This leads to a better understanding of their illness and outcomes.

4. Participants in clinical trials are very motivated by the feeling of helping future generations. Participants know that the medications that they are on today were developed through clinical research. They want to play their part in ensuring that the next generation of medicines continues to be developed.

* Ref 1: Clinical Trial participation improves outcome. A matched historical cohort study. Journal of the Society of Clinical Trials (J. R. Baker et al., 2013, 10 735-743)

Local Population


MMCT is located in the Counties Maukau regional catchment

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Middlemore Clinical Trials (MMCT) is New Zealand's largest clinical trials site, which offers world-class facilities, excellent audited procedures, and a fully integrated research unit.

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