Benefits of Partnering

The benefits of partnering with MMCT in research include speed to trial activation, clinical trial experience, and the quality of data that is produced.


Experience in all trial types and phases

MMCT works with the 22 medical departments of Middlemore Hospital and is therefore experienced in a very broad range of therapeutic disciplines and all trial phases. 

From mid-2020, it is expected MMCT will provide oncology clinical trials.

Centralised setup: Faster activation of trial from initiation

MMCT works hard with its sponsor partners to ensure that the time to ‘first patient’ occurs as fast as possible and the site’s successful track record is reflected in the following KPIs:

1 Final Protocol (FP) received to CTA signing < 30 days
2 Site Selection (SS) to Site Activation (SA) < 120 days
3 Site Activation Visit (SIV) to First Patient Screened (FPS) < 14 days

The site’s dedicated contracting team and regulatory manager are responsible for facilitating a budgeting and ethics process that is swift and robust.

Multi-phase capability

The team at MMCT has the ability to work in any and all phases of clinical development from early phase infusional studies to later phase registration trials. Highly experienced Principal Investigators provide oversight at every stage.

Located at New Zealand’s largest hospital


MMCT is based inside Middlemore Hospital, which is one of the largest tertiary hospitals in New Zealand, servicing 100,000 inpatients per year and nearly 500,000 outpatient visits. As such, MMCT has access to a large number of potential trial participants. This coupled with the clinical trial site’s relationships with community based primary care organisations (PHOs) means that MMCT connects with participants at multiple points along their treatment journey in the health care system.

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Middlemore Clinical Trials (MMCT) is New Zealand's largest clinical trials site, which offers world-class facilities, excellent audited procedures, and a fully integrated research unit.

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